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portable restrooms for weddings

Planning your special day is already a time-consuming process, so why spend time worrying about having the proper facilities for your guests?  With our wedding services from Portland Portable Toilets we provide the rentals that you need to ensure the bathroom needs of your guests.  Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding, or have any type of event that requires additional backyard bathrooms, we are here to assist you with making the right selections when it comes to your Oregon portable restroom needs.  We offer a wide range of products to enhance your event, from a few standard rentals to providing multiple deluxe units.

When you’re planning a wedding, the more things you have done ahead of time, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your special day.  With our porta potty rental services for weddings we’re here with the products and support your need to ensure the comfort of your guests.  Providing a full consultation, we assist you from start to finish, arranging everything ahead of time so you don’t have to think about it on the day of the event.  Our consultations include everything from selecting simple or deluxe units, to arranging the delivery schedule, to helping you determine the number of porta potties you’ll need to accommodate your guests.

Unique Venues
With our beautiful nature and outdoor spaces, Oregon is the perfect place to have your wedding in a unique or outdoor space.  When you’ve decided to use an unconventional venue, our team helps you with the services need for Oregon porta-potties.  Whether you’re hosting in an outdoor space that needs supplemental backyard bathrooms, or using a remote location that doesn’t have access to traditional restrooms, we have the service to get you the rentals that complete the venue.  Arranging the drop-off, pick up and other logistics with the venue or wedding planner, we make sure that your location is able to accommodate the needs of your guests.

Our Rentals
As one of the top companies providing Oregon portable toilets, we are happy to offer our clients a number of choices when it comes to selecting portable toilets for a wedding.  From standard Portland portapotties to deluxe editions with extra amenities, we help you select the right rental for you.  Our team guides you through your options, assisting with additional functions that may help based on the specifications of your event.  We even provide assistance in selecting the appropriate number of backyard bathrooms to accommodate the number of guests.  As always our rentals are delivered in a pristine and hygienic conditions, ensuring that your guests will have clean facilities during the wedding.

Superior Service
At Portland Portable Toilets, wedding planners, venues and individuals alike love working with our team because of the superior portapotty rental services that we provide.  Our units are always delivered in pristine condition, cleaned and ready for use.  In addition to helping you make the right selection when it comes to selecting the right WA porta potty for your event, we offer support through the event that ensures the units are working smoothly.  Whether you select several standard portable toilets or a deluxe model, we’re here to make sure that the facilities for your wedding are operating smoothly.

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